Are you feeling Hexatious?


Hexatious reinvents the classic strategy game of "Hex" - in which two players compete to be the first to build a path connecting their two opposite edges of the board. Among its fans, Hex is widely admired for its simplicity, elegance and subtlety.

So if you are the type who enjoys playing thoughtful computer games - games that not only delight and entertain - but that also reward your intelligence by giving you a decent shot at beating the computer - then move along, Hexatious is not the game for you.

Make no mistake about it: Hexatious was not written to entertain anyone - and playing (that is, losing at) Hexatious was certainly never meant to be fun. Instead, Hexatious was engineered with a single goal in mind: to win. And to win efficiently, quickly and decisively. Hexatious does not just beat its opponents - it dismantles them.

Features Of course, purchasing a game for your iPhone or iPod Touch will no doubt be one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make (especially when the product is as overpriced as Hexatious). So, if you won't have much fun winning, what does Hexatious offer. Well, those who have played Hexatious during its development - almost all look back at the time they spent losing game after game - to be among their least productive and most misspent hours of their entire lives. Few in fact could recall any other game that provided any where as near as memorable an experience.